Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Birthday: 1992

Height: 6’3

Is Will Urena from Michelle’s season of The Bachelorette really an Academic Interventionist?

Maybe? But we doubt it.

The title “Academic Interventionist” can cover a lot of territory, but it generally means someone who helps elementary age kids who are falling behind in school with specific issues. 

Will has a Bachelors in Business Management from Davenport, where he played rugby. 

He doesn’t appear to have training in social work, psychology, or special education and we couldn’t find any evidence supporting the title of academic interventionist, especially as his full-time job.

We mean, it’s possible. But, as far as we can tell, Will Urena would be best described as a fitness trainer.

We think that, because that’s how Will describes himself. Will’s LinkedIn, which only has fitness trainer listed under job experience, says he is:

“Interested in securing a business management leadership position to utilize my passion to develop, implement, and coordinate an organization in a dynamic setting.  Over five years’ experience in Customer Service, Sales Management, Personal Training and Facilities Management. Experienced in technology, logistics, equipment installation/maintenance and employee management.”

Does Will have any other career aspirations?

Will also describes himself as an actor and model. This is slightly more plausible than academic interventionist, but not much.

This is from his business Facebook page:

Will uses the stage name Willy Urena. (Or maybe he would if he got cast in anything. We couldn’t find any examples.)

He’s listed as a “fitness model” on this casting page, but that may be referring to the fact that his Instagram is almost all gym selfies. Dress for the job you want! If Will has a modeling agency, we couldn’t find it. He appears to be actively seeking representation from the way he tags his instagram photos #malemodels and #modelagency (hint hint).

This photo is tagged actor AND actress. Apparently, like Tyler Perry, Will isn’t afraid to take on a female role:

Exactly the kind of nuanced portrayal you might expect from the guy with this Twitter feed:

We’d think Will Urena would know more about keeping out of trouble, since his (probable) brother Ricky Urena was a police officer. 

We couldn’t 100% confirm that Ricky and Will are brothers, but there’s a lot of evidence to suggest it, including the above video where Will acts out the role of Ricky’s mom.

We usually don’t bring up a cast member’s family unless it’s relevant to their job or the relationship is already publicly known. 

This is no exception because, like Will, Ricky is hot. Unlike Will, Ricky’s attractiveness is internationally recognized.

After extensive media coverage about said hotness, Ricky became TikTok famous. He used his platform to lip-synch to Bad Bunny and joke about what kind of interactions women on TikTok would have with police officers.


I’d take a bullet for this legend!! @badbunhy #dakiti #dakitibadbunny

♬ DÁKITI – Bad Bunny & Jhay Cortez

Unless Ricky comes on the next season of The Bachelorette, we’re going to have to leave the very weird world of police officer influencers behind for now. 

Much like Ricky left the force after achieving TikTok fame to chase his dream of. . .

We don’t know. (But we have reason to suspect crypto.) Regardless, it looks like both Ricky and Will are trying to become influencers of some kind. We don’t look down on people for being professionally hot, we just want ABC to show us accurate job titles.

From the previews, it doesn’t look like The Bachelorette will be either of their tickets to Grocery Store Joe-level follower counts. After Will and Peter’s fighting, we expect that Michelle — a verified educational professional–will intervene and send Will home to teach him a lesson. 

xo  Your Nosy Friends, Job Title Interventionists

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