Is Victoria Larson actually a queen?

Obviously, no.

We need to get this out of the way first thing: Victoria is a (beautiful! highly entertaining!) mess.

We tried our best to tell you a coherent story about what she really does, but we’re not sure she knows.

This girl is a Choose Your Own Adventure book with half the pages missing.

Instagram Screenshot Framing.png

If you decide to investigate Victoria’s “non-working status” realtor license, turn to page 16. If you decide to follow her path as a corporate flight attendant, turn to page 5.

Just kidding. This is already such a mess that we decided to focus only on the endeavors she’s currently promoting on Instagram.

This is still our longest profile.

Let’s dig in!

“Jet Set Glo” Spray Tanning

Victoria has mobile spray tanning company under the name “Jet Set Glo.”

We think it’s still operational because there have been recent posts on Jet Set Glo’s Instagram, but there’s no way to access information about her services.

The link in company’s profile goes to a website that just links back to Victoria’s social media accounts. 

Huh. Well, she has a lot going on. We’ll let that go.

Victoria Larson Beauty (Health?) (No, Beauty)

Around the time she filmed The Bachelor, Victoria rebranded herself as a health/wellness/beauty guru with

Victoria website.png

Good job, Victoria! This site looks nice! We can feel the Goop vibes steaming our snatches and lightening our wallets already!

Tiny nit pick—the Instagram link is broken.

Also, the Facebook link works, but the page hasn’t been updated since Sept. 2020 when she seemed unsure whether she wanted to call the company Victoria Larson Health or Victoria Larson Beauty.

Vikki Larson Health.png

Also, the Facebook page links to a defunct website:

Also, she doesn’t link to the Victoria Larson Beauty site from any of her three Instagram profiles. She just promotes it in her posts.

But still! It’s a nice site!

In addition to “lymphatic system activating” loofahs and Cameo Birthday Shoutouts, she offers “Health Coaching” for $250/hour. 

Health Coach.png

Prompting us, the Dark of Aura, We Bitter Haters with Unbalanced Chakras, to ask:

What are Victoria’s credentials as a Health Coach?

On Victoria’s website, she says she attended a program called the Institute for Integrative Nutrition [INN] “through NYU.“

We could not confirm whether INN is actually affiliated with NYU.

The program has over 100,000 graduates who all use the same search engine muddying terms on their personal Health Coaching websites, but we couldn’t find any mention of the program on the New York University website.

Maybe she means another NYU?

Is the Institute for Integrative Nutrition an accredited school?

Victoria IIN.png

That’s a lot of words, so we’ll sum it up.


Also, it appears that they don’t have particularly rigorous academic standards. According to one former student,

“In order to graduate from IIN, you essentially need to pass half of the tests (four total tests), attend four of the six coaching calls, and pay your tuition on time.”

This is an online process that takes six months to a year. 

This stands in sharp contrast to the much more rigorous process of becoming a Registered Dietician which requires a Bachelor’s degree with approved coursework in the sciences, an accredited, supervised practice program, and passing the certifying body’s national exam. 

How much does INN cost?

$7,000, but if you act now Victoria can get you $2,000 off. 

Screen Shot 2021-08-15 at 8.09.39 PM.png

Former students get $1,000 referral bonuses for recruiting new students, which reminds us of another business model we’ve covered before. It certainly seems like a more likely way to make money than INN’s suggestion of giving tours of health food stores.

Victoria has chosen multiple paths.

Another venture of Victoria’s is being the brand manager/ambassador for a clothing store called “Pretty Please Couture.”

Victoria Journey.png

The online shopping link in their Instagram bio is broken.

(Victoria! Again? Hire a web designer! The producers can’t keep you in Paradise forever!)

There is a storefront in Ft. Lauderdale, but it appears to be open by appointment only.

So how does Victoria make money?

She’s on OnlyFans.

We are not “outing” her here. Plenty of people have already noticed this. She even links to it on her website. 

Victoria Journey (2).png

For the last time, Victoria, we are begging you to hire a web designer!

Sex work is work. There is nothing wrong with it. Despite it being shockingly rare for Bachelor participants to be on OnlyFans (compared to other reality franchises), Victoria is doing the exact same thing as other cast members: she’s capitalizing on her image. Only, she might be a little wiser because she’s potentially tapping into an underserved niche market.

We’re telling you about her OnlyFans because—short of giving her $250 for her to tell you to drink chlorophyll instead of using deodorant—it seems like the only practical way to give Victoria any money. 

And she needs it to hire a web designer.

xo Your Nosy Friends @realbachelorjobs on OnlyFans