Searching for the perfect gift for the Bachelor Nation fan in your life? Look no further! We’ve curated a list of the best books by Bachelor and Bachelorette leads and cast members to stick in stockings, give for birthdays, or just because! [Updated November 2021.]

The Best Stocking Stuffer

The Princess of Nowhere: A Novel

By Lorenzo Borghese
The Bachelor Season 9 (Lead)

”Prince Lorenzo Borghese, a descendant of the brother-in-law of Napoleon Bonaparte, bursts boldly onto the historical fiction scene with The Princess of Nowhere—a captivating and richly atmospheric re-imagining of the life of the author’s famous ancestor, Princess Pauline Bonaparte Borghese.”

Is it any good?
The Princess of Nowhere is rated 3.63 on Goodreads, which is higher than average for books written by Bachelor Nation cast members. These are our favorite high & low reviews:

  • 5 Star: “This book reminded me just how powerful historical fiction can be; transforming a name on a ledger into a breathing, vibrant being is a beautiful accomplishment.[. . .]It’s not unheard of for me to fall in love with a character, but I truly sobbed at the end of this book. ”
  • 2 Star: “I can always tell when it’s a man writing the sex scenes. Lots of “he thrust,” and “he pushed,” but not much, well. . . I get a UTI just thinking about it. A beach read that was completed before I ever made it there. Tasty fluff for the summertime.”

Who’s it for: People who fantasize about being a real royal but have realistic bedroom expectations of their arranged spouse.

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The Best Book for Children of Bachelor Nation Fans

Lucy & Clark: A Story of Puppy Love

By Ashley Iaconetti & Jared Haibon
The Bachelor Season 19 (Chris Soules)
The Bachelorette Season 11 (Kaitlyn Bristowe)

”In Lucy & Clark: A Story of Puppy Love, The Bachelor franchise’s Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon draw from their real-life pooches and their larger-than-life love story to show what can happen when you believe in yourself.”

Is it any good?
Lucy & Clark is rated 3.67 on Goodreads, which is higher than average for books written by Bachelor Nation cast members. These are our favorite high & low reviews:

  • 5 Star: “I loved the topic of this storybook and think it will help shy children who are due to start preschool or nursery. The illustrations for Lucy and Clark’s story are such a huge part of the book and children will be captivated by the amazingly cute dogs.”
  • 2 Star:  “I found the story of Clark’s struggle with mingling to contain an adult undertone because Clark (a puppy) only manages to find confidence in himself when Lucy (a ‘beautiful’ puppy) graces him with her presence. It also irritated me that the only descriptive words of Lucy were concerning her looks rather than how fast and brilliant she was at playing ball.”

Who’s it for: Parents and young children who love cute dog illustrations and traditional gender roles.

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The Best Gift For Friends

Bachelor Nation Amy Kaufman

Bachelor Nation: Inside The World of America’s Favorite Guilty Pleasure

By Amy Kaufman
Amy isn’t a cast member but we love this book so much that we couldn’t resist adding it to our list.

”The first definitive, unauthorized, behind-the-scenes cultural history of the Bachelor franchise, America’s favorite guilty pleasure.”

Is it any good?
Bachelor Nation is rated 3.34 on Goodreads. These are our favorite high & low reviews:

  • 5 Star:  “This book strikes the perfect balance between gossipy discussion of contestants, description of how it all works behind the scenes, and analysis of the show as a cultural phenomenon. Equally an expose, and anthropological study- I couldn’t have asked for more from this, it had me completely enthralled.” 
  • 1 Star: “It’s more of a history of the series than anything else.”

Who’s it for: People who are critical of The Bachelor but love it anyways.

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The Best Book for Co-Workers

Fraiche Food, Full Hearts: A Collection of Recipes for Every Day and Casual

By Jillian Harris and Tori Wesszer
The Bachelor Season 13 (Jason Mesnick)
The Bachelorette Season 5 (Lead)

”TV host and lifestyle influencer Jillian Harris and registered dietitian Tori Wesszer invite you into their world full of family, food, and casual celebrations.”

Is it any good?
Fraiche Food, Full Hearts is rated 4.38 on Goodreads which is higher than average for books written by Bachelor Nation cast members. These are our favorite high & low reviews:

  • 5 Star: “I’ve seen this cookbook on many a basic bitch’s shelf and thought. . .Nah, surely the recipes can’t be that good, what does Jillian Harris know about cooking?! Man, I was wrong. I really liked this cookbook. I loved all the stories about each of the recipes, the photography was lovely, and I LOVED the meal plans at the beginning of the book for holidays!!”
  • 1 Star: “I find the recipes to be quite bland, and some of the cooking times are way off. I’ve made it through about 5 recipes, and I wasn’t very impressed with any of them.”

Who’s it for? “Basic bitches” who like pretty pictures of food and and can adjust seasoning to their personal taste.

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The Best Book For Family

Just Curious: A Notebook of Questions

By Kendall Long
The Bachelor Season 22 (Arie Luyendyk Jr.)

”Inspired by the curious conversation starters that Kendall Long used to get to know her castmates on ABC’s long-running hit franchise “The Bachelor” in 2018, “Just Curious” offers a variety of meaningful questions, powerful quotes and journaling space encouraging readers to skip the small talk when they’re on a first date, at a family dinner, or zooming with friends over the holidays.”

Is it any good?

There are no ratings or reviews on Goodreads.

(Drop us a line if you add one so we can include it!)

Who’s it for? Fans of Kendall’s Instagram animal stories who are looking to change the topic from her last season of Paradise.

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This book didn’t make the Top 5 List because we have no idea who would want it other than us, but we thought it was deserving of your attention.

Diamonds + Hearts: A Poetic Memoir

By Chris Siegfried and Desiree Hartsock
The Bachelorette Season 9 (Desiree Hartsock)

”Diamonds + Hearts: A Poetic Memoir is the highly anticipated poetry book by Chris Siegfried. With the encouragement from his family and new fiancé, Desiree Hartsock, he decided it was time to open his heart to the world.”

Is it any good?

Diamonds and Hearts is rated 3.33 on Goodreads which is lower than average for books written by Bachelor Nation cast members. This is the only written review:

1 Star: “If poetry isn’t your thing, you’re in good company, because it really isn’t Chris Siegfried’s thing, either. Each poem follows the conventions of several lesser-known third-grade poets, as well as the inventive punctuation of ee cummings (minus any innovative intent). In the author’s deft hands, “there” becomes “they’re,” poetry becomes prose, and form is executed sharply. Yes, there are few finer executioners of poetry than Siegfried himself. 

Every poem is accompanied by a photo of the handwritten original and paired with a detailed analysis, providing ample explanation of the “hidden metaphors” and “deeper meanings” so that you won’t get lost in such heart-rending and evocative lines as “The observer / He who is still writing / Has many observations/,” In short, Siegfried handles the untapped riches of baseball poetry as no man has ever done, nor should any man ever do again.”

Who’s it for? Us. Please get us this book for Christmas. We need to know what the observer observed.

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