Hometown: Highland, California Age: 24

Is Teddi from Clayton’s season actually a Surgical Unit Nurse?

Yes! Teddi Wright passed her examination in February 2020 to become a Board Registered Nurse in California.

But because we don’t trust anything we see on Instagram (or The Bachelor), we verified her license.

This is normally where we would make a joke, but we don’t want another Serena Chew situation on our hands (who for the last time really is a flight attendant).

At just 24 years old, Teddi is a recent graduate, but she was a runner in college, so maybe she and Clayton could talk about sports stuff. Like conditioning? Or electrolytes? 

From her social media presence, Teddi looks to be very sincere and spiritual. She posts a lot with her very cute siblings. She doesn’t even seem to have any (current) influencer aspirations. 

Plus, she was a champion triple jumper. That’s two more jumps than we can do!

Judging by Clayton’s chaotic previews, we’re a little worried for Teddi who seems too pure for this season. Stay safe out there, Teddi girl! (We say about a nurse in a pandemic.)

xo  Your Nosy Friends, Board Certified Busybodies

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