Hometown: Virginia Beach, Virginia Birthday: August 19, 1993 Height: 5’8

Is Susie from Clayton’s season actually a Wedding Videographer?

Susie has a Facebook Business page with one 14-month-old wedding video on it. 

Otherwise, there is very little evidence that videography is something that she is making a living at.

The other videos on her “Susan Evans Media” Facebook page include:

  • Some blurry footage from a modeling shoot of a Miss Teen USA contestant (uploaded over a year ago)
  • Some blurry footage of Tokyo Disney Resort (uploaded over a year ago)
  • Some blurry footage of her roommate picking up a to-go order (uploaded 5 months ago, since removed)

(We considered Facebook compression could be a culprit but her videos on YouTube share the same quality.)

Susie’s website is not currently available and was unfortunately not archived before it went down.

Did Susie go to school to become a videographer?

Susie earned a BA in “Digital Cinema Arts” from Lindenwood University, a private liberal arts university in St. Charles, Missouri (while Clayton was attending the University of Missouri).

However, her best work is in front of the camera.

This isn’t our first time finding somebody’s news demo reel, but Susie looks more comfortable on film than Rodney. It’s probably because she has a lot of experience.

Susie is a pageant girl

We assume that Susie’s pageant experience is what allowed her access to the inner sanctum of a Miss Teen Virginia photoshoot to film that behind-the-scenes video.

In 2011, Susie won the title of Miss Teen Virginia USA.

In 2019, she was awarded second runner-up in Miss Virginia USA, and in 2020 she won the title and the rights to compete at Miss USA that year. She did not place.

Susie’s pageant journey closely mirrors Mari’s, a cast member from Matt’s season and Bachelor in Paradise 7. Mari won Miss Teen Maryland and earned second runner up at Miss Maryland USA in her first attempt before winning it in 2019. If Susie continues to follow in Mari’s footsteps, it might take her two attempts at The Bachelor franchise to win a ring. (If you haven’t visited Mari’s profile, you’re missing out. We shared some clips her movie debut in a teen gross-out comedy.)

Susie doesn’t just wear pageant crowns 

Susie was a Disney Princess.

Or rather, she was most of them!

When we looked into the footage Susie filmed at Tokyo Disneyland, we discovered that she also worked there. She spent two years in Japan playing a variety of Disney Princesses at the park and on tour. 

Like Bachelor leads, it turns out most Disney princesses look a lot alike!

Susie is still working in front of the camera

Aside from watching Susie on The Bachelor, you can find her providing fitness coaching for a company called Body by Craig.

Body by Craig is a company that specializes in fitness training for pageant competitors, and honestly we might need to start a secondary website because some of the stuff we’ve found out about the pageant world is wild. For example, Craig Hughes, the founder of the company, also promotes his services as a motivational speaker. Hs speaking bio he claims, 

“Body By Craig has helped competitors confront and overcome tough personal situations and even traumas such physical and sexual abuse [emphasis added] while remaining focused and motivated on the road to their crowns.”

There’s no mention of what professional qualifications the former “business development manager on Wall Street at elite companies” has to help women deal with such traumas, but if you’d like to hear more he launched his motivational speaking tour in 2020 and is available to orate on topics including “Being Coachable and Investing in Yourself.”

(We’d rather book Karl.)

Is Susie still working behind the camera?

In Susie’s pageant bios, she mentions her initiative Media That Matters. We couldn’t find any evidence of the existence of this initiative outside of pageant bios. One bio mentions, “a photo series showcasing the natural beauty of women from around the world in the Scheidegger Center for the Arts.” However, seeing as this center for the arts is at her alma mater, we think it’s fair to assume that this was a student project. We were also unable to find any information about the short film or the “documentary-style” video. 

(If you have knowledge about the pageant world, please reach out! We’re very curious to find out more about how legit contestants’ initiatives are and whether there’s any kind of vetting process.)

Until May 2021, Susie worked for Snow Companies, LLC (owned by Omnicom Health Group), which vaguely describes its mission as, “we bring patients and the life science industry together.” From what we can tell, they headhunt patients and use their stories to create media for marketing healthcare services and pharmaceuticals.

The only current thing on Susie’s resume is “community volunteer.”

Digital cinema degree aside, we probably would have used “Former Miss Virginia USA” or “Princess” for Susie’s occupation; however, these are titles generally used on candidates who are either eliminated quickly or cast as villains. 

So, while we probably would not hire Susie to shoot our wedding video, we do expect her to go far in her Bachelor journey, and we would absolutely hire her to show up at our birthday pool party as Ariel!


From one of Susie’s Instagram stories, it looks like she’s currently working as a server. We shared our love and respect for people in the hospitality industry in our profile on Gen.

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