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Is Shanae from Clayton’s season actually a Recruiter?

Last we heard! 

Shanae’s LinkedIn says she’s a Relationship Analyst (Director of Recruiting) for OPOC.us, but it hasn’t been updated for a few months, so we don’t know how her comments about Elizabeth’s ADHD went over at the company. However, from what we’ve discovered about the organization, we suspect that ethics might not be at the core of their mission statement.

In our quest to figure out what OPOC.us (One Point of Contact) actually does, we came across a number of lawsuits and scathing reviews. We did a deep analysis, cut through the buzzwords on the company’s website, and came to the conclusion that OPOC.us might be a training camp for Bachelor villains.

The similarities between the culture at Bachelor Mansion and OPOC are striking. One review noted, 

“This company is insane. Misogynistic leadership, terrible pay, no room to grow[. . .] the management has screamed and cursed at my whole department, I have been talked down to, ignored, and unappreciated. Upper management hires pretty girls off Instagram[. . . ] There is little to no diversity in the staff.” 

Another review could have been written directly from the mansion, 

“The place had a high turnover when I was there. Most people didn’t even make it 6 months. Too much ‘high school drama.’ They also really didn’t have a true HR team so there was no one to go to when you had any concerns.”

Although complaints about the company’s terrible time off policy are among the less serious allegations, it’s plausible that Shanae had to quit to go on The Bachelor.

“You will get 14 days off per calendar year – yes that is PTO and sick days COMBINED. And you will be made to feel very guilty for using your PTO, but you WILL use it even if you aren’t trying to. 15 minutes late back from lunch? That comes out of your PTO.”

However, the review continues,

“But to be fair, if you went to high school with the owners, are a former model, or are the offspring of a shamed ex-football coach, your PTO is unlimited!!”

So, it’s also possible that Shanae was able to use the same skills she displayed to convince Clayton that she was a victim of shrimp-related bullying to get the time off.

Lest you think that these reviews are overkrill, and that the company is shirmply the best, and that the employees aren’t just prawns used by shellfish management, in 2018 OPOC.us was the subject of a class-action lawsuit for misclassifying employees in order to avoid paying minimum wage and cheat them out of overtime.

Hold on, was Shanae a model?

Not really, but Shanae has an ExploreTalent profile because of course she does. Based on the number of ExploreTalent profiles we’ve come across, this may have been a legal requirement for popular high school girls in the mid-2000s, like bubble skirts and publicly dumping friends by knocking them out of their MySpace Top 8.

Unable to secure a gig as a trade show promotional model, Shanae went on be an office admin for The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. At some point in time, somebody trusted her with scissors and she graduated from hair school.

There was evidence that Shanae recently returned to the beauty world in the role of a “Concierge Professional” at a wellness spa that does injectables and body sculpting, but that post has since been removed.

She is not on their website, but neither are most of the non-medical staff. However, the part of the caption saying, “she first came to us as a client,” tracks. They also tagged her in this post, leading us to believe these are her freshly plumped lips.

Lastly, Shanae was recently baptized at an Instagram-friendly prosperity gospel-preaching megachurch whose pastor has recently come under fire for some anti-mask, pro-conspiracy tweets and messages.

That’s everything we know about Shanae’s professional history. If you want to talk about her ADHD comments (and we really, really do), check out Part 2: ADHD, Women, and The Bachelor.

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