Although Serena Pitt’s job title on Matt’s season might have sounded plausible to less jaded, suspicious people—publicists exist after all—it was actually a key part of our origin story.


What did Serena do before The Bachelor?

In the fifteen minutes between graduating college and appearing on The Bachelor, Serena interned at a magazine in Hilton Head and did some part-time promotional modeling in Toronto.

A couple of months before filming, Serena landed an internship at a PR agency.

We suspect she and The Bachelor producers did some market research, found that accurately identifying her as a 22-year-old intern didn’t scream “ready for marriage,” and implemented a strategic rebrand of Serena as a “publicist” once they identified her as a potential front-runner.

Put that communications degree to work, girl!

What does Serena do now?

Publicists generate and manage publicity for brands and celebrities. 

Serena kind of manifested her own destiny on this one. She made the top 4 on Matt James’s season, she’s on Bachelor in Paradise, she has 166k Instagram followers, and she’s hawking Canadian collagen smoothies to them.

Now she’s her own publicist and her own promotional model. Synergy! 

Why does it matter?

It doesn’t really except for the fact that it made us feel like professional failures for a minute. She seems super nice and, because of our own international flair, we have a soft spot for most (but not all) Canadians!

We hope she finds love (or at least a strong brand partnership) in Paradise.

xo  Your Nosy Friends, Fully Synergized Self-Publicists

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