C’mon, guys, Serena Chew is obviously a real Flight Attendant.

Serena Coffee Twitter .png

That would be such a weird one to try to fake. What would you even do? 

Book a photoshoot on a private plane, put on a pencil skirt and a button down shirt, and then have someone take a photo of you standing in the aisle doing the safety demonstration arms as a joke?

Serena Fake.png

I mean, listen to yourself. You sound ridiculous.People fake being passengers on jets, not employees.

No one would fake being a flight attendant, not even Victoria. There’s no ambiguous title here, no questionable businesses.

Just a verifiable, 100% real job.

I can’t tell if you guys are being sarcastic. Is Serena really a Flight Attendant?

Yes!!! Yes, she is. We understand why you would be suspicious. We’ve all been hurt before, but Real Jobs do happen.

If her job is real, why did you even cover her?

Because we don’t know until we check! We understand if you’re disappointed. If you love mess, may we recommend Karl? 

Thank you for being your uncomplicated self, Serena.

We wish you all the travel-related brand partnership deals Instagram has to offer. Because this has been our shortest investigation, you’re our favorite. (Don’t tell the others!)

xo  Your Nosy Friends who spent too long photoshopping the green screen image for this bit 

PS We had to edit this article twice to make it super extra clear that we were joking and then Serena was sent home at the first elimination, making this our longest we’ve ever spent on an article per minute of contestant screen time. Thomas is now our uncomplicated favorite.