Is Romeo Alexander a Mathematician and a Romance Writer?


Although, after hearing his spoken word poetry to Michelle on The Bachelorette, you could be forgiven for thinking that. 

And, to be fair, when you google “Romeo Alexander” the top hits are romance novels. 


Also, the author’s profile on Fantastic Fiction has his picture.

Lastly, with a name like Romeo Alexander, it would be a waste not to write romance novels.

But no, unlike former Bachelor Prince Lorenzo Borghese. . .

. . . and former host Chris Harrison,

Romeo Alexander the mathematician and Bachelorette cast member is not a romance writer.

This is a case of mistaken identity. 

Wait, that looks like a lot of evidence. How are you sure it’s not him?

While we were initially delighted at this find, we know that Google snippets can be notoriously inaccurate and, like us, Fantastic Fiction isn’t a verified news website. 

In our search for corroborating sources, we came across a few things that didn’t add up, including:

  • Romeo Alexander the author had made an Instagram post celebrating their birthday on a different day than Romeo the mathematician’s.
  • The author’s fan group had a number of postings from the author during the time of filming for Michelle’s season of The Bachelorette.
  • Despite having his name and photo associated with the books, Romeo the mathematician never referenced them in his personal IG.
  • How could somebody working towards their Ph.D. in Mathematics manage to write over a dozen novels at the same time? We barely eke out two articles a week and there’s two of us! 
  • While men that love men can also love women, all of Romeo the author’s books seemed to have a common thrust. 
  • Lastly, we reached out to Romeo and asked him.

Why did you reach out to Romeo?

We don’t make a practice of reaching out to cast members. Our goal is to share publicly available information and to show others how they can find it so that they can make informed decisions about how they want to engage with influencer culture. 

We also don’t share sources unless we’re confident that they’re reliable. However, this story was already starting to circulate fan forums with what we felt was dubious evidence, so we thought it was better to contact Romeo directly instead of ignoring it.

It was important to us to correct the record because — despite our personal feelings about literary expression and the rich tapestry of human sexuality — being mistaken for a writer of male/male erotica could impact somebody’s career and personal life.

When voting rights activist and almost-Governor Stacy Abram’s pen name was discovered, her romance books were used to score political points against her. That was without the complicating factors of homophobia and anti-bisexual bias. 

Not that the author of a gay romance has to be gay or bisexual. Or even a man, for that matter. A lot of prolific writers of male/male erotica–as well as many of their readers–are women.

So Romeo isn’t a romance writer, what does he do?

He truly is a mathematician.

His LinkedIn shows him currently working at a “finance automation platform” as a data scientist. 

This isn’t to say that The Bachelorette’s Romeo has never tickled a computer keyboard! We drew ourselves a bubble bath, lit some candles, and settled in with his sizzling new page-turner, “Operator-theoretic framework for forecasting nonlinear time series with kernel analog techniques.”

As much as we love good analog technique, we pretty quickly gave up and switched to the other Romeo’s book about the two sexy fireman rivals turned lovers. Given the rate other Romeo writes, we’re sure they’ll have a series about a sexy mathematician and his throbbing ellipsograph any day now.

xo  Your Nosy Friends, Rational Derivatives

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