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Is Rick Leach really a Medical Sales Rep?

Like Clayton on Michelle’s season of The Bachelorette, Rick is also a Medical Sales Rep.

Unlike Clayton, Rick is interesting. 

The company he works for sells surgical and non-surgical treatments for your aging, aching, dissolving bones. It’s no “Surgical Skin Sales,” but might be enough to earn him a place on next Halloween’s Top 10 creepiest jobs.

And yeah, we could get into the mess that is American healthcare, and we could explore why the franchise attracts so many men from medical sales, but we just don’t want to.

After our deep dives into Jamie and Chris S, we just want to rest our brains for a bit. 

Then why did you even do a profile on Rick?

Glad you asked!

Rick doesn’t just help heal broken bones, he also heals broken brains. Looking through older modeling shots of him was the medicine we needed. The days are dark, the nights are long, and none of the rumored future bachelors are lighting a fire in our hearts. 

So, in the spirit of the season, we’re sharing our bounty with our nearest and dearest. That is you, dear reader. 

This spread is for ADON, a “Men’s Fashion and Art” magazine which seems to exclusively feature the latest fashions in men’s underwear.

Heads up, things get a little NSWF from here.

You can tell these are art photos because they’re in black and white and Rick seems upset for someone who looks so good in his underwear.

Rick also does some acting.

He has a more impressive acting resume than Will(y) Urena’s but it pales in comparison to Chris Sutton’s.

However, unlike Will or Chris, we found evidence that Rick’s Bachelorette job title is real. Here’s a tweet from the company Rick has listed on his LinkedIn.

xo  Your Nosy Friends, Aspiring Art Majors

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