Age: 25

Hometown: Miami, FL

ABC has assigned Quincey Williams the occupation of “Life Coach.”

And you know what? I can’t trust myself to write even a mini-profile on this without triggering a never-ending scream into the void about the industry. So here’s an article that talks about it a lot more politely than I am prepared to do right now (Jeanie, I’m sorry but I can’t right now. I just can’t.)

“Coaching is an entirely unregulated industry – there are no oversight boards, no standard curricula, no codes of ethics; if I wanted to hang out my shingle as a life coach tomorrow, no one would stop me.”

I’m a life coach, you’re a life coach: the rise of an unregulated industry

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Quincey’s current Instagram is below. At least, it’s one of them. He has another with a similar handle and has also gone by @legendarywilliams as noted in this crypto video.

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Did you know you can rent private planes by the hour for photo shoots? Not that we would ever accuse Quincey of doing that!