What does that mean?

There was a nursing shortage in America even prior to COVID-19. This shortage, combined with the profession’s high turnover rate, means that hospitals wouldn’t be able to operate while waiting to complete the HR process for permanent hires. 

As a result, specialized staffing agencies sprung up to provide nurses willing to temporarily relocate for short-term contracts.  As an ICU Travel Nurse, Noah travels around the country to hospitals that are paying a premium for nurses with Intensive Care Unit experience. Noah has worked in a number of COVID-19 units during the pandemic.

Noah got flack for coming off as immature on Clare and Tayshia’s season, but he’s seen some serious shit in his job.

According to an interview on Nurse.org,

“When the virus first hit, [Erb’s] unit was converted to a COVID unit and isolated from the rest of the hospital–staff there were required to change into hospital-issued scrubs on the unit, have food brought in and never leave the unit, then shower and change before they went home after their shift. ‘Nobody from the rest of the hospital wanted to come to that unit,’ [Erb] said.”

The trade-off for being on the front line is that Noah probably made quite a bit of money. According to Bloomberg,

“Billing rates for travel nurses were up more than 40% in August from a year earlier, while for emergency-room specialists the jump was 60%. [Some positions have advertised] rates as high as $8,000 a week.”

Although he may have spent a lot of it on his many, many adventure vacations. 

Screen Shot 2021-09-14 at 11.14.31 PM.png

Great, so Noah makes his living as a nurse. That’s it then?

Well, no.

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One of the most notable things we discovered about Noah is that his moustache appears to be his long term look versus a gimmick for The Bachelorette.

But how often he references his faith also caught our attention. It’s even the reason he gives for becoming a nurse. From his blog “Erb’s Words,” it appears that Noah may also feel called to go forth and spread the good word. This made us curious about his beliefs, and we took a look into the small church his family has deep ties to. 

On the church’s FAQ page, we found this question:

This seemed like a loaded question, even to Toby who spent her teen years on Evangelical missions. So we pulled the Bible off the shelf and studied up.

While many verses would likely cause modern feminists to cringe, Timothy 2:11-15 stands out:

“A woman should learn in quietness and full submission. I do not permit a woman to teach or to assume authority over a man; she must be quiet. For Adam was formed first, then Eve. And Adam was not the one deceived; it was the woman who was deceived and became a sinner. But women will be saved through childbearing—if they continue in faith, love and holiness with propriety.”

Noah has mentioned he is one of 10 children. Abigail may feel she and Noah are moving too slow now, but once that train gets going there might be no getting off!

To be clear: we don’t know if these are Noah’s personal beliefs. He shares his faith on his personal blog and on his Instagram, but in a much more general way.

Anything else?

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Although Noah has been on the front lines of the pandemic, we didn’t find any instances where he’s used his platform to encourage masking or vaccination. To be fair, that isn’t his job and he hasn’t said anything in opposition either; it just stands out in contrast to how Dr. Joe Park has been using his platform.

Noah’s parents are pretty deep into a Christian-oriented MLM called Mannatech selling cure-all health powders. We don’t think Noah himself was ever officially involved as a salesperson (unlike some of our other investigatees), but we did find Noah on his mom’s Instagram page helping her shill EMPACT and Ambrotose.

According to the company’s website, these products “help your body adapt to overcome physical and mental stress.” Mannatech used to claim that Ambrotose, a plant-derived sugar, cured everything from cancer to autism but, after a series of lawsuits, they now say it “fights pollution, toxins, and stress” to “support immune function” and “improve cognition.”

Noah commented on the post “#influencer.”

Influencer? Is Noah on Bachelor in Paradise for the wrong reasons?

We think he was joking on his Mom’s post, and we didn’t find any evidence that Noah went on Bachelor in Paradise for the followers. However, he has implied in interviews that he’s exploring his career options. 

As of writing, he has 167k followers on Instagram and is gaining a lot more while in Paradise. This is more than Pieper but fewer than Brendan (and way fewer than Natasha).

If Noah is exploring the path of an #Influencer, we wonder if he’s making deliberate choices to avoid alienating any part of his potential audience by staying as quiet as a woman in church about his beliefs on vaccines, masks, and gender roles.

Regardless of what Noah believes, we hope all the couples in Paradise are asking each other harder questions than “Fo you want to go to the Boom Boom Room?”

Questions like, “Do you believe women only have value if they have children?”

xo Your Nosy Friends, Vaccinated & First Aid Certified