Hometown: Chicago

Height: 6’2

Birthday: June 2, 1981

Kenny isn’t just a (cover) boy band manager.

He represents a whole slew of cover bands.

Screen Shot 2021-10-07 at 1.09.21 AM.png

Although, it might just be one band in different costumes. We think we recognized a few guys from group to group. This makes sense—it’s hard to make a living performing one night a week.

We’re not sure how one usually gets into the business of cover band management, but it looks like a natural progression of Kenny’s career.

Kenny has been the talent booker at 115 Bourbon Street since 2004. Bourbon Street is a (very) loosely New Orleans-themed bar, restaurant, and popular entertainment venue in Chicago which has a night for everything—except, ironically, jazz or blues.

We could confirm Kenny has been at Bourbon Street for a while because of his MySpace page.

This photo was taken at an event at 115 Bourbon Street in 2005.

Kenny 2005 .jpg

This is to prove that it’s young Kenny behind the shades in the first photo.

Young Kenny.jpg

Did you know you still have a MySpace, Kenny? Or could you not take it down because you forgot the password? Relatable.

Kenny and his co-founder/bassist started Boy Band Night to fill one of the theme nights in 2014 and the rest is history.

The band plays covers of popular 90s hits, and can be found performing at street fairs, corn mazes, and their home base of 115 Bourbon Street.

We’re big fans of the boy band genre and we’re sure that Boy Band Night is a hit at Bourbon Street where they have, well, bourbon.

We tried to listen to all of Kenny’s bands so that we could review them, but we kept getting distracted by Kenny’s abs.

Kenny has been a model for at least 10 years.

Let’s look at all the jobs Kenny’s abs have done!

(Warning: Things get a little PG-13 from here on.)

  • Kenny’s abs have helped him promote his bands.
Kenny BoyBand.png
  • Kenny’s abs have been in body building competitions.
  • Kenny’s abs (with an assist from legs, hips and other parts) have modeled underwear.
  • Kenny’s abs took an undercover role in Russian Vogue.
  • They supported Kenny’s face while it modeled for the Joker in the new Mortal Kombat Game.
  • They’ve even helped him volunteer bartend at a retirement home (but they remained under his shirt out of respect for the retirees and their potential heart conditions).

However, if any of the retirees wanted to see more, it should be known that if you Google “Kenny Braasch nude,” you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. (It was for work!)

Honestly, we love Kenny. He’s a bro who never grew up, but in the most fun, self-aware way. He’s a truly shameless self-promoter but, unlike Brendan or Thomas, no one gets mad at him. He seems so good natured it’s easy to understand why.

In contrast to most of the contestants we research, Kenny links almost everything he’s ever done on his very busy, but super functional website.

Unlike the black box that’s been following him around on this season of Bachelor in Paradise, Kenny has nothing to hide.

We know if he ever found this article, instead of getting mad, he’d probably just add us to his giant wall of clippings! We mean, he linked this blog post investigating whether he’s a douche! 

(Their verdict: undecided.)

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PS We admit looking at seminude pictures of Kenny was not the hardest work we’ve ever done for this site, but if you had fun too we appreciate your tips. They’re what keeps the site running!