The Bachelorette #17

What are the contestants’ real jobs?

What is the definition of gaslighting?

Did Katie just forget Justin was there?

We answer one of these questions.

What is Andrew Spencer's Real Job?

Andrew Spencer

Pro Football Player

What is Blake Moynes's Real Job?

Blake Moynes

Wildlife Manager

Blake Moynes's Wildlife Charity

Blake Moynes


Is Connor Brennan bachelorette bachelor in paradise really a teacher or a musician?

Connor Brennan

Math Teacher

What is Greg Grippo's Real Job?

Greg Grippo

Marketing Sales Representative
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What is Justin Glaze's Real Job??

Justin Glaze

Investment Sales Consultant

Karl Smith Next Level Success Motivational Speaker

Karl Smith

Motivational Speaker

What is Michael Allio's Real Job?

Michael Allio

Business Owner

What does Thomas Jacobs Bachelorette Bachelor in Paradise do for a living?

Thomas Jacobs

Real Estate Broker