Is Johnny from The Bachelorette a Realtor?

Kind of, but that’s less interesting. We’ll get to that later. 

Going through Johnny’s Instagram, we saw that he had mostly surfing and travel pictures, but a few posts also highlight his interest in music.

In 2019, Johnny appeared in a music video for Bret Bollinger, directed by someone named Alex DePhillipo, who appears to be a relative of Johnny’s.

Back in 2018, Johnny posted this tribute to rapper Mac Miller with the caption: “Kind of the whole reason i even thought to make music. First song I wrote when I was 15 to his beat.#RipMac

The next slide is a short clip of Johnny rapping, which got us wondering.

How seriously did Johnny pursue his teenage dream of being a rapper?

Turns out, pretty seriously!

In a Reddit post by MayLay1051 about our reveal that alleged Tech Executive Zach Shallcross has a SoundCloud where he makes dubstep remixes, we came across a comment from user AnyChildhood1747 alleging that the Soundcloud rapper Just Johnny is Johnny DePhillipo from The Bachelorette. (Thank you, Reddit. We’re not active on the sub but we get notified when we’ve been linked. Your support means everything.)

The artist sounds like Johnny and there are a number of South Florida references in his music (Johnny is from Palm Beach, FL), but there weren’t any indications of the connection on Johnny’s social media. We found an Instagram page for Just Johnny, but there are no pictures currently on it.

Then we searched “Just Johnny” on YouTube and found a very popular German gamer. “Kid Just Johnny” was also a bust. “Just Johnny” + rap, however, hit paydirt.

Presenting the world premiere of the music video for “Bitch I’m Gone” by Just Johnny, directed by Alex DePhillipo.

The video above is from six years ago. We also found a second YouTube channel with more of Just Johnny’s music from the past two years. (Maybe he lost his old password?)

Is Johnny DePhillipo actually a Realtor?

This is a surprisingly existential question. Johnny got his realtor’s license last fall.

However, we couldn’t find any evidence on his Compass profile, Zillow, or any other popular real estate websites, that Johnny has any past or current listings.

(In our search we did find that Johnny’s dad – also named John DePhillipo – is a highly successful realtor who has worked for many years at the same agency that recently hired Johnny.) Before getting his real estate license, Johnny sold health insurance.

If Johnny ends up on Paradise, we hope to see him serenading the crabs a la Connor B.

Although he might need to write some new songs. Most of Johnny’s back catalog is pot-themed, whereas the drug of choice in Paradise is the margarita. 

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