Yes. Why would we even look into this? It would be really hard to fake board certification. 

JosephParkBoard Certification.png

Wait, so why did you look into Joe Park’s career?

You can thank Noah for that.

We hadn’t planned on looking into Joe’s real job because we didn’t expect to find anything interesting, but also because—although we heard rumors he was coming to Paradise—we wrote him off as cannon fodder after not seeing his smart, handsome face for so many weeks. (We can’t do them all!)

However, as we went through Noah’s social media looking for information about his job as a travel nurse, we noticed that for somebody on the front lines of the pandemic, Noah never seemed to talk about it. This got us curious, so we typed “Noah Erb Vaccine” into Google. 

Joe Park’s Instagram was the top result.

Joe Park Noah Erb Vaccine Google Search.jpg

We thought this odd, but after detangling Victoria Larson’s web of websites, little makes sense anymore. So we clicked. 

Noah who?  Dr. Joe (more like Dr. Feelgood) captured our attention.

We’re high on life/Dr. Joe’s Instagram feed.

This anesthesiologist’s love is our drugs.

We mean, look at this.

Joe Park Instagram manic pixie dream doctor

Dr. Joe Park is a Manic Pixie Dream Doctor 

All the proof we needed was this video of Joe strumming the guitar alongside his family in a video where they’re “Busking for Bone Marrow Donors.”

  • Joe is wearing a quirky hat (toque)
  • To coordinate with his family band
  • But they look cool
  • He’s plays the guitar
  • But doesn’t make a big deal out of it like some people
  • The song is by a popular artist but it’s a deep cut (Belle by Jack Johnson)
  • There’s an unnecessary but cute child (nephew plays the triangle)
  • He credits mother for giving him life

But wait, there’s more.

Dr. Joe Park is a swoon worthy science communicator

This real life Dr. McDreamy has released a series of five videos providing information on COVID, vaccines, and variants.

In one video he gestures at his head and says it represents the original form of COVID.

He then sticks a toque (that’s a beanie for Americans) to turn his head into a COVID variant. He shares how COVID variants are just a little different, but that’s what causes them to spread faster. Our bodies are more attracted to the virus when it’s wearing a hat.

He ends the video with a list of his citations and links his sources and additional resources.

Dr. Joe can leave the hat on, but we’re attracted either way.

Joe Park is a giver

We also couldn’t help but notice how Joe uses his social media differently than other Bachelor cast members. 

While other contestants use social media to promote branded tie-ins where they sell their old clothes, Dr. Joe promotes charities to which people can donate their jackets.

Instead of using his influence to imply he donates vague amounts to unknown charities,  Dr. Joe encourages others to support well-regarded organizations.

Joe Park Achilles Charity Support.png
Joe Park Charity Support 1.png

Instead of standing idly by while a bug flew up his lady’s nose, Dr. Joe drank a bug for Natasha.

After everything Natasha went through with Brendan this season, we’re so happy she finally found a “real prospect.”  (We just hope Brendan’s lingering dark cloud doesn’t mess this up for her too!)

Bachelor in Paradise — and the world — could use a lot less drama and a lot more dreamy Dr. Joe. 

xo  Your Nosy Friends, Cofounders of the Manic Pixie Dream Doctor Fan Club