Like us, many of you had thoughts about the occupations of this season’s cast members.

While Rachel may not be a children’s author like Pete, we also prefer her both as a pilot and a lead. Read her profile here!

The meatball enthusiast (not his real job) garnered the most attention.

His name is Matt and don’t worry, they had him home for Prime Day.

For those who were concerned: the singing children were from the Los Angeles Children’s Choir and we assume were arranged for and compensated by production. They were not some random kids that Alec kidnapped and brought with him from Houston.

As big RuPaul fans, we were also momentarily confused by Jordan V’s job title.


Fans were not convinced that 25-year old Zach was a Tech Executive (neither are we).

They also had a healthy skepticism of a 25-year old life coach.

It wasn’t all negative, lots of love for General Contractor Tino.

But that was quickly tampered by the appearance of “Crypto guy” Termayne.

Twitter took Magician Roby‘s disappearance surprisingly hard.

But at the end of the night, there was just one tweet that we could fully get behind.

xo Your Nosy Friends, Real Job Enthusiasts

PS Let us know which of Rachel and Gabby’s men you think need a full investigation on Twitter or Instagram!