Age: 25

Hometown: Winnetka, IL

ABC has given James the occupation of “Mealball Enthusiast.” Ok, we’re calling it right now. He’s not going to last. The “good” jobs never do. However, we were intrigued enough by this title to see some initial digging.

In college, James’s nickname was Meatball. (Although they are apparently not his favorite food.)

How did that transform into “Meatball Enthusiast?” Was he always demanding meatballs from the PAs? Could he not stop talking about his ideal beef to pork ratio? Or did somebody in production spend some time with James and think, “This dude is really into himself?” (Himself being Meatball.)

Sadly, James’s real occupation appears to have nothing to do with meatballs. According to his LinkedIn, until January 2022, James was a Client Assistant at a multinational investment bank where his father is a Managing Director. He’s now an MBA student.

We hope someday James is able to leave the banking world behind and pursue his dreams of squishing meat and breadcrumbs together with his hands.

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James’s Instagram is below.

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Most of his captions are emojis. Do with that what you will.