Hayden Markowitz is called a “Leisure Executive” on Gabby and Rachel’s season of The Bachelorette. This caused a lot of confusion on Twitter as it sounds like an almost certainly made-up job.

But, it is accurate. Ish. A more descriptive title would be something like “Vacation Property Management Company CEO.” The company Hayden operates with his father is called 30A Rental Properties (named for Highway 30A) and appears to function like a mini-AirBnB for beach properties along the Florida panhandle. Like many areas of America, housing insecurity is an issue in the region.

As an example of the insane housing market, this 196-square-foot home in Santa Rosa Beach in the 30A corridor of Florida is listed for $1,095,000 and features a stock tank splash pool. We assume the current homeowners looked to Michelle’s race track date with Martin for design inspiration

The explosion of the short-term vacation rental market has exacerbated the housing shortage in America, helping drive up the costs of homes and long-term rentals, especially for people who live and work in “destination” areas in what is often called the Airbnb effect. Normally, we’d get into the weeds about housing affordability, but with Hayden we have too much to talk about. Besides, it’s not like Hayden is personally responsible for the fact that most Americans can’t afford to own a home. He’s had plenty of help along the way.

Real estate is Hayden’s family business.

Hayden started working in real estate with his dad right out of high school in 2012 and received his license in 2013. He and his father started 30A Rental Properties one month later. While Hayden lists himself as the CEO of 30A from 2013 to the present on his LinkedIn, it’s debatable how involved he actually was from 2013-2017 when he was at the University of Central Florida in Orlando.

Similarly, Hayden claims he was a Realtor at Premiere Property Group in Watercolor Beach, Florida from 2012-2018. This span includes a year before he was licensed and four years while he was at college in a different city six hours away, so it seems like he is being pretty generous with himself here as well.

Also — this is irrelevant but hilarious — on his resume under “Publications,” he lists a time he called into Mad Money with a question 10 years ago.

Hayden and his father have started and abandoned a number of LLCs alone and together. We don’t see this as evidence of any kind of malfeasance; a lot of entrepreneur types seem to do this, as we discovered when we started and abandoned a profile on Pizzapreneur Peter from Michelle’s season. 

What did Hayden mean when he told Gabby their morals were not aligned?

In terms of work, Gabby is an ICU nurse who has won a goddamn humanitarian award and Hayden manages vacation rentals, so we can’t imagine he thinks he is doing more for the public good on a daily basis than Gabby.

According to his LinkedIn, Hayden was the “Director of Philanthropy” for his UCF fraternity, Sigma Chi, in 2016. However, Sigma Chi was less known for their charitable works than for allegations of hazing, drug and alcohol violations, and other misconduct. The fraternity has been investigated and disciplined numerous times in the past few years, including twice while Hayden was a student at UCF. We are not aware of Hayden being specifically named in any of these allegations. Hayden doesn’t list any volunteer or philanthropic work since University, nor did we see any on his social media. (Unlike, say, Tino.)

It’s possible Hayden and Gabby don’t align religiously. We haven’t noticed any religious content in Gabby’s feeds but found some in his. Hayden has some pinned Instagram stories from around a year ago, indicating he occasionally streams sermons from an evangelical megachurch. Last year, Hayden pinned this story featuring a quote attributed to Isaiah 54:17.

There were a few things that caught our attention about this Instagram story. First, that’s not Isaiah 54:17. When we Googled the quote to figure out where in the Bible it came from, only a handful of Tumblr and Christian meme Facebook posts came up. After some poking around, our best guess is that it’s a creative interpretation of Isaiah 52:12 (we also discovered that Bible quote content farms appear to be sloppy AF with attributions). But this leads us to the second and more significant thing we noticed about the post. Although the content in the story seems to have originated in a content farm, Hayden shared it from an Instagram account called “snowflake_news.”

Snowflake_news is run by “MAGA influencer” (and fellow Florida resident) Michael Hennessey. It has exactly the type of content you’d expect from a right-wing meme account.

Source: snowflake_news/Instagram

For the people in the back, monkeypox is not an STI, it can be spread through close contact of any kind, and this kind of unfounded “groomer” rhetoric fuels threats and violence against the LGBT community. This content isn’t just “rough around the edges,” it’s rotten to the core.

It’s possible that Hayden didn’t realize he shared a (misattributed) bible verse from a MAGA meme account, but he seems pretty social media savvy. He was the first Bachelorette cast member to preemptively block us and there are reasons to believe he scrubbed his LinkedIn of content that showed his support for Trump. Finally, looks aren’t the only thing Hayden shares with Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis.

They’re both registered Republicans. While it’s never fun to be rejected, it turns out Rachel is the one who should feel insulted that Hayden thinks their morals might align.

Do you guys have anything nice to say about Hayden?

Hayden appears to take leisure seriously in his own life. He always makes time for a shirtless selfie with his dog. 

He seems to truly love that dog.

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