Is Greg Grippo an Actor?

There’s a lot of online buzz about Greg hiding that he went to a professional acting school. We’re confused by what “hiding” means. He shared it on his Instagram. It’s right there.

You don’t need to be a detective to figure this one out.

Although, because we are detectives (at least we would be if The Bachelor was giving us a job title), we also found this photo from 2018 seeming to confirm that he was in a 2-year program and not just some weekend improv class.

Greg 2018.png

None of this necessarily means that Greg came on The Bachelorette to pursue an acting career.

As for hiding it, okay, Greg didn’t put “Acting School” on his LinkedIn profile, but you know what we don’t put on our LinkedIn profiles?

Stuff that has nothing to do with the type of jobs we’re looking to land.

So What Is Greg’s Job?

Greg is described by the show as a “Marketing Sales Representative,” which appears to be totally true.

We hid his current company because it doesn’t look like things are going to work out with Katie and we don’t want you guys bothering Greg at work.

We hid his current company because it doesn’t look like things are going to work out with Katie and we don’t want you guys bothering Greg at work.

According to his LinkedIn, Greg was in sales in the same way that many of your Facebook friends from high school are.

He slung tea tree oils for an MLM. 

We’ve talked about inflated titles here before, but nothing compares to the names MLM companies bestow upon their independent consultants.

“Marketing Executive” is the entry-level title for anyone that signs a contract with Melaleuca. If you commit to purchasing a minimum of 35 points worth of product (In American Dollars, 35 points is about $60) in a calendar month, you too can add “Marketing Executive” to your Linkedin.

We wouldn’t recommend it, seeing as 99% of MLM sellers lose money.

It’s about as profitable as starting a Real Bachelor Jobs news site. 


Before we judge Greg too harshly, it should be pointed out that his family seems to have been deep into this business model as well.  (Out of respect for his family’s privacy, we’re not linking to our source.)

Ignoring the “Hey Gal!” DMs that hit your inbox is a lot easier than telling mom that you’re not going to be part of her downline.

The good news is that it looks like Greg is pursuing another career path. He’s shared on his LinkedIn that he’s now an Account Manager for a staffing agency. 

Looking at the job description, his MLM experience should serve him well.

“Your ramp-up period will be heavy business development through cold calling, networking, prospecting, and sourcing to build your book of business.”

We wish him the best of luck on his journey.

xo  Your Nosy Friends, Independent Job Title Consultants

P.S. Here are some tips if you or a loved one are trying to leave an MLM.

P.P.S Greg made it to our Top 5 List of Questionable Business Models! 


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