Hometown: Los Angeles, California Age: 26

Is Genevieve from Clayton’s season actually a Bartender?

Possibly? There is very little evidence online of her working as a bartender. It was pure chance that we stumbled across a tweet from someone claiming to be her coworker. 

This tweet led us down a trail of breadcrumbs that ended at a restaurant 90 minutes north of LA. Gen and her (alleged) co-worker appear to have made a point of not naming their employer and we want to respect that. However, the restaurant is very proud of their dedicated bartender, so if Gen does work there we suspect she’s a server. 

It’s quite likely that Gen was a bartender at one point, but COVID has been especially brutal on the food service industry. Very few people in California have been able to keep their bartending gigs over the last few years. Those who did stay in the restaurant industry found themselves in a job that was even harder and more abusive than before and faced a 44% increase in industry death rates

What else does Gen do? 

First off, we want to affirm that jobs in the restaurant industry are exceedingly challenging (who amongst us hasn’t cried in a walk-in cooler?) and give kudos and respect to everybody in the business. It takes time, training, and experience to excel in the hospitality field. 

However, you may have guessed that Gen didn’t move out to LA all of the way from Rehoboth, Massachusetts in order to work in restaurants. So what might have brought her to the land of palm trees?

Gen is an Instagram Model

Prior to coming on to The Bachelor, Gen already amassed 15,000 more followers than any of the other women.

Is Gen coming on to The Bachelor to gain more followers? Hard to say. However, we stumbled across an (unverified) tidbit on a Facebook group from someone claiming to be a family member saying that this isn’t her first attempt to get on a Reality TV Show:

I know she was cast for Love Island at one point (2 seasons ago) but got cut last minute!”

We’re unfamiliar with the dating scene in LA. It’s possible that Reality TV is just Hinge for Angelenos. 

Unless Gen makes it all the way, we’re not sure how much of a difference the Bachelor IG followers would make for her. Gen’s already done all of the typical Bachelor Influencer modeling.

She’s been at it since 2014 and has been featured on a number of hot girl accounts.

(At the time, Gen was in university pursuing—what else—a nursing degree.)

She’s been nominated as a Barstool “smokeshow” at least five times.

Gen even had her own subreddit where her fans curated their favorite photos of her. 

A few weeks ago, the sub went silent due to a lack of moderator. Was Gen the moderator? A family friend? Was there a deal made to make it go away? We’ll never know. (Unless you know and want to tell us.) 

Before you head off into conspiracy town, you should know that we poked around the subreddit before it was taken down and there wasn’t anything salacious—not that there would be anything wrong with that. We’ve long been advocates for women to use and display their bodies any way that they want to. But while women should be trusted to be able to make good decisions for themselves, we do want to take a moment to highlight the ways in which Instagram modeling can be exploitative.

The first and simplest way this happens is exploitation of labor. The models and companies are operating in a completely unregulated environment where the models’ work is often not valued as work. For example, one major swimwear/hot girl account Gen has modeled for allegedly pays their models in exposure and thong bikinis with the promise of some unnamed amount of money in the future if they get chosen as a “BoutineLA girl.” 

This is not illegal, but it is bullshit. Modeling is work and no one can pay their bills with exposure.

Models can also be at risk of more insidious forms of abuse and exploitation. In an article about how Instagram models are lured, preyed upon, and why they keep silent Dame magazine notes:

“Models and photographers rely on the social-media platform for networking and promotion. But the lack of regulation against scams, harassment—even abuse—leaves young women extremely vulnerable.”

We’re not suggesting Gen has been exploited in any way. She appears to be a gorgeous confident woman who’s not afraid to use what she has to get what she wants.

We just felt it would be irresponsible to not flag this issue to our readers and it’s something that we’re going to be keeping an eye on. (If you have any additional information or leads on exploitative Instagram schemes, please reach out.)

And, if you or someone you know has been preyed upon, do not feel ashamed. If we ever found that one of our readers was victimized, we’d channel our inner Gen and stand up for what’s right.

xo Your Nosy Friends, Thankful to Have Grown Up Before Instagram Really Took Off

PS Our original plan was to talk about Barstool Sports, especially after seeing Clayton interact with one of their shows on Twitter.

But, we just don’t have it in us right now. We recommend reading about how they harassed a content creator after stealing her content, the company’s history of bullying and misogyny, and the most recent accusations of sexual assault against its founder.