What is this all about?

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Have you ever searched, “Blake Bachelorette real job,” and all your results were clickbait sites telling you the same thing you just saw on the show?

We’re not that. We do real, in-depth investigations.

We research the disparity between the images people present on reality television and social media and what they do in real life.

We only present publicly available information. We are not trying to cancel anyone.

Real jobs are cool. We wish more bachelors talked about having normal jobs. There’s also nothing wrong with having multiple jobs or being out of work. It’s rough out there for everyone. What we’re most intrigued by (and find possibly problematic) is the disconnect between the image that’s being monetized and real life.

We’ll be adding to this in the future, but we had just had the idea of turning our research and texts between friends into a website the Thursday before Katie’s hometowns.

It’s been a real rush. Stick around, and you’re going to see a lot of updates on branding, designing, and detecting.

We hope you enjoy our work and consider supporting us if you’d like to see more of it.

xo Your Nosy Friends

AKA “International Detectives”