Age: 29

Hometown: Bedminster, NJ

Who is Erich Schwer from The Bachelorette?

No idea. Seriously. The most interesting thing about Erich to us is why someone who keeps such a low public profile would choose to go on a reality dating show. 

Erich has a Twitter account from 2016 with no likes or posts. He wrote half a dozen blog posts about visiting various companies in 2014 (for a college class judging by the “Bus369” in the url). His instagram captions from the past few years are mostly movie quotes, some of which seem to be chosen at random.

“We don’t get it. Is it avant garde?”

Is Erich Schwer a Real Estate Analyst?

Erich was a Real Estate Analyst when he was cast on The Bachelorette. We were about to have another meltdown about the housing and rental market until we noticed that the company deals in industrial properties. At that job, Erich was probably looking for strategically placed warehouses for the company to buy and not contributing to investors snatching up residential properties and driving up housing costs for humans who need places to live.

According to his recent Click Bait interview, Erich moved from New York to take a position in Los Angeles in November 2021. Shortly afterwards, casting for The Bachelorette reached out to him on Instagram, undoubtedly intrigued by his conventional good looks and cryptic captions.

What croissant? Is Erich a dadaist performance artist or is he the guy in the break room who does his Borat impression at any opportunity? We don’t know!

Erich originally turned the show down. However, when he realized that the job wasn’t what he expected and the company culture wasn’t a good fit, he reached back out to production and quit his job. 

Which makes sense because filming The Bachelorette usually takes six to nine weeks and only the leads are paid. There are no federal or state laws that require employers to provide paid or even unpaid vacation time to employees. According to a report from the Center for Economic and Policy Research, the United States is the only advanced economy that does not federally mandate any paid vacation days or holidays. Leaving the choice up to corporations has resulted in Americans getting significantly fewer vacation days than people in comparative economies. 

Credit: Center for Economic and Policy Research

Jesse is telling folks to leave their current relationship to be on the show in this season’s weirdly aggressive casting commercials, but he should honestly be telling them they need to leave their jobs. The top three real job categories at the time men go on the show are currently unemployed, working for self (or, more often, the family business), and sales rep

But regardless of his current employment status, Erich seems like a solid dude with a solid resume. Gabby liked him enough to introduce him to her grandpa.

There are objectively three people in this picture, but don’t worry that Erich has started making sense: there is no link in the bio.

Unlike previous out-of-work finalists, we doubt Erich will use the show as a launchpad to a career in influencing given his limited social media presence. But if we’re wrong, we look forward to seeing his surrealist sponsored posts.

xo  Your Nosy Friends, Real Job Analysts

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