Look, we’re not saying Demi Burnett never fluffed a friend’s throw pillows, but we can find no evidence of her ever being an interior designer in a professional capacity. 

Aside from our usual deep dive, we looked through all her instagram photos pre-Bachelor for any evidence she had ever set foot in a Home Goods. 

This image where she photoshopped herself in front of a cool accent wall paper was the closest we got. We’ll never know the designer, because the caption is a joke about her boobs.

Update: Demi has since removed the post, but we used the image in a promo post.

Demi does have a Pinterest board with 34 pins on “Home Decor,” which is more than “Hot People” (22) but less than “Kitties” (40) and way less than “Clothes and Schizz” (137).

Regardless, the existence—and frankly the content—of this board does little to convince us that Demi was a professional interior designer.

Screen Shot 2021-08-29 at 12.20.13 AM.png

This is the first investigation that stumped us.

There is more evidence of Demi working for a “breastaurant” than as an interior designer. (More on that below.)

Demi does seem to believe that she makes a room look better just by being in it, so maybe that’s it? Or, perhaps she was a legitimate designer and her only method of advertising was standing on her tippy toes and whispering, “I’ll rearrange your furniture,” in prospective clients’ ears.

Which they probably took as a sex joke because, you know, Demi.

What did Demi really do pre-Bachelor?

If you think Demi seems tailor-made to be a tv personality, she agrees. She was on talent discovery sites before getting cast on The Bachelor. 


Other than that, it’s hard to know her history. For somebody so actively seeking attention, there are massive gaps in her online history. 

We know that she had a Twitter account before January 2019, because she references it in a 2016 Instagram comment.

Demi 2016.png

We also know that the person she’s responding to in this comment is her ex-girlfriend, Tiyana Skye.

In 2019, Tiyana said in an interview with Soapdirt that Demi had reached out looking to rekindle things while her season of The Bachelor was airing and, when that failed, asked her to remove all of their photos from social media. 

Demi has done a very good job of erasing and curating her internet presence.

What was that about a “breastaurant?”

In 2019, Demi wore a Hooters uniform as a Halloween costume.

The Hooters location in question, Austin Riverside, shut down in February of that year.

This in itself isn’t suspicious, but we also noticed Demi has connections with people who worked at the Austin Riverside Hooters during her mysterious pre-Bachelor years. 


We are not bringing this up to try to shame Demi or anybody combining their hotness with their serving skills for better tips. We are just tugging on literally the only thread we found. 

What does Demi do now?

You’re watching it! After appearing on Colton’s season of The Bachelor, Demi appeared on two seasons of Bachelor in Paradise, Ellen, WWE Raw, The Celebrity Dating Game, and anywhere else cameras are found.

No word on whether she decorated her new LA apartment herself or hired a professional.

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