No, we’re not just talking about his performance on Clare Crawley’s season of The Bachelorette

We were tipped off by our friend Bachelor Rabbit Hole on Instagram that Dale Moss is officially adding “Actor” to his resume by co-starring in an upcoming romance movie.

In Love, Game, Match, Dale Moss plays a Tennis Coach, Ted, opposite Cristine Prosperi, in the role of a teacher named Liz. 

The description on the movie’s promotional page reads, “When economics teacher and new-in-town Liz challenges her high school students to create business plans, she has no idea that the class winners will actually start their own matchmaking service!

Asked to set up her own profile to help them kickstart their careers, as well as team up with handsome tennis coach Ted to organize the school carnival, Liz must navigate the dynamics of this new school, as well as the algorithms of her own heart.”

Love, Game, Match is listed on IMDB under the working title of Putting Love to the Test and appears to have been directed by Christine Conradt. Most of Conradt’s previous projects have been TV Movies and, after watching the trailer for Dale’s romance movie, we expect that it’s also going to be direct-to-streaming.

Admittedly, Dale Moss put in a better performance in the trailer than the time he tried to seem as enthusiastic about babies as Clare.

So far, there’s no release date for Love, Game, Match. Although, we’re more interested to learn the filming schedule and how it intersected with his relationship with Clare and his time on The Bachelorette. Dale might be the first cast member who’s actually been able to use their exposure on The Bachelor franchise to catapult themselves to the (made for TV) silver screen. 

Good job, Dale. 

xo Your Nosy Friends, currently Roger and Eberting their way through Netflix’s holiday romance catalog

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