Just in time for Halloween horrors, we put together a top 10 list of the creepiest jobs from The Bachelor & Bachelorette.

10. Twins, Emily & Haley. Ben Higgins’s season.

9. Banjoist, Ryan P from Becca’s season.

8. The Box King, Joe B from Hannah B’s season.

7. Peyton, Sorority recruiter. Andy’s season.

(If you haven’t seen this creepy sorority video, do you even watch horror movies)

6. Tony, Healer. Kaitlyn’s season.

5. Lucas, Whaboom. Rachel’s season.

Not scared enough? Take a listen to his song, “WhaBoom”.

4. Ryan, Junkyard Specialist. Kaitlyn’s season.

Sure the junkyard thing is creepy, but his behavior on the show was even more frightening

”After ripping open his shirt, McDill — a “junkyard specialist” who described himself as an actor and comedian to TMZ — replied, “Why am I not raping you right now?”

3. Jeff, Skin salesman. Katie’s Season

2. Jonathan, Tickle Monster. Rachel’s season.

1. Shawn E, Amateur Sex Coach. Kaitlyn’s season. 

(Sex coaches are a real thing.  Amateur sex coaches are not. In real life, Shawn is a realtor.)

Need something less scary? Check out Blake’s profile…no wait, Grocery Store Joe’s job report. No, maybe…Karl’s? AHHH! NO!

XO, Your Nosy Friends

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