Yes! As of May 2021, he was teaching math and music at a private middle school. 

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We didn’t see him on the faculty list for the new school year, so maybe Playa Escondida kept him on as a troubadour for crabs after filming for Bachelor in Paradise wrapped up.

Although Connor is new to teaching, he has an impressive education. He has a BS in Physics and a Master’s in Medical Physics.

Connor used that education to snag a job as a Nuclear Engineer for the state of Wisconsin. We’d seen this reported on other sites, but we know not to trust anything we haven’t looked into ourselves. We found proof in the form of a letter from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission accepting him for a training course.

Why would a Nuclear Engineer move to Nashville to teach Eighth Grade?

Considering the state of teaching in America, this is a valid question. 

While Nashville is listed as his “hometown” on his Bachelorette bio, Connor is actually from St. Louis, so the move wasn’t to be near family.

It’s conjecture on our (and Lance Bass’s) parts, but we think Connor is pursuing opportunities that give him more time and flexibility to live the life of a musician. 

Connor’s spin instructor bio (He teaches spin too? When does Connor even watch TV?) actually says that he moved to Nashville for music and the songwriting community.  


No one has ever had bigger “adult Disney fan” energy.

His spin instructor bio describes him as a “Singer/Songwriter,” a title we also found in his Master’s graduation announcement.

Connor Medical Physics.png

His teacher bio mentions his musical experience and aspirations as well.

He performs in piano bars and has been in multiple bands.


“Connor Brennan who dropped out of a medical physics program to pursue music,” says the above caption.

Wait, did Connor lie about not completing a Masters in Physics so the other musicians would think he was cool? What is going on here? Getting an education IS cool.

Is Connor here for the wrong reasons?

That’s for you (and Lance Bass) to decide. Everyone on Bachelor in Paradise is promoting something. Usually, it’s how good they look in a swimsuit.

Connor would rather you watch his music videos on YouTube than sell you protein powder on Instagram. 

Serenading crabs instead of Maurissa might have been a bad strategy for Paradise, but we don’t think it makes him a bad person.

(Although we can understand why she decided to make out with Riley instead. Well, Jeanie can. Toby love to go to a Disney sing-along with Connor.)

xo  Your Nosy Friends, two Masters in BS, both alike in curiosity, divided over spin playlists