What can you say about a guy like Clayton Echard?

No, seriously. We’re drawing a blank. There’s just so little there.

We really wanted to find a video of Clayton’s rap alter ego “Claydoe.”

But there are at least two better known “artists” going by this name, so we are devastated to report that we failed.

We imagine his rapping looks something like this.

If anyone has footage of Clayton rapping, it is your civic duty to step forward. Your Bachelor watching public and your wallet will thank you. We mean, we can’t pay you but US Weekly might! (Important update! We have a video of Clayton rapping, scroll to the end to see it.)

Is Clayton really a Medical Sales Rep?

Basically, yeah. It would be more accurate to call him an “Orthopedic Sales Rep” but we guess that sounded less sexy, although we were relieved to find he wasn’t pushing opioids or anything.

Anything else notable?

Clayton was a good college athlete who got a shot at the NFL.

 He didn’t distinguish himself and was cut from the Seahawks before the regular season, but he has a good attitude about it.

He has a good, white-collar job. He is tall, white, broad of shoulder and square of jaw.

Neither he nor his immediate family are on the record saying anything racist, sexist, or homophobic.

Although he appears to be interchangeable with past Bachelors, he’s never been accused of drunk driving resulting in a fatailty or stalking as far as we know.

One of these men has not been accused of a crime.
One of these men has not been accused of a crime.

Clayton is very much your prototypical bachelor lead except hopefully less problematic, which we guess is progress?

We hope we’re wrong about him being boring and Clayton’s personality truly shines this season. And we really, really hope we get a visit from Claydoe.

Xo  Your Nosy Friends, with rap alter-egos that you’ll never know

PS  Since we couldn’t find and sell that video of Colton rapping, we have to pay for web hosting some other way. Every little bit helps.

March 2022 Update

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