Hometown: West Hollywood, CA

Birthday: 1993

Is Chris Sutton Really a Commodities Broker?

We’d short that option. 

Chris might have a Robinhood account, but commodities brokers handle trades on behalf of clients, so we won’t even give him this one on a technicality.

Chris Sutton’s LinkedIn says that the Bachelorette cast member is “Assistant to Vice President” at a private equity company in Los Angeles, but we couldn’t find him on their website that seems to have a picture of everyone who works there, from the CFO to Administrative Assistants. (No other media outlets have discussed his role, so we are not including the site or the name of the company in the event he does still work there.)

On the resume Chris uploaded to his account, under the title of “Independent Contractor,” it says that from 2017-present Chris provided “concierge service for professional athletes” for the above private equity company. We’re not sure when this resume was last updated, so it’s possible that he worked his way up to being the Assistant to a VP.

Chris also has listed that he contracts for a high-end transportation company and a company that provides private bartenders. 

Pretty standard stuff for the aspiring actor/model crowd.

Chris is an Actor/Model? I didn’t see any of that on his Instagram.

We know! This is where it gets really interesting. 

Chris has a much more impressive acting resume than some of the other actors we’ve seen on the franchise lately; however, it was surprisingly challenging to make the connection between Chris the Bachelorette cast member and Chris the actor. 

One of the reasons is that Chris’s name in IMDB is James Christopher Sutton.

Stage names aren’t unusual, but he’s been credited as Christopher Sutton in recent work.

Did he change his name intentionally to evade detection? Hard to say. But thanks to the Internet Archives, we do know that he used to go by just Chris Sutton. 

Another reason we didn’t initially recognize Chris’s entertainment credentials is that he doesn’t mention modeling or acting on his Instagram. Greg Grippo was accused of trying to hide his acting history, but even he had a picture from his acting school on his feed.

Chris’s acting resume isn’t extensive (albeit more extensive than Greg’s), but he’s been in several acclaimed shorts—some of which have even won prizes at film festivals

And, even though Chris’s Instagram account has been active since 2014, he currently has only 25 posts. This on its own isn’t super suspicious. However, despite this small presence, Chris had over 3,000 Instagram followers before he came onto The Bachelorette. 

Where did those followers come from? No offense, but we don’t see anything in those 25 posts what would explain having that many followers.

We can’t say for sure that Chris pulled a Demi and scoured his online presence (allegedly) before being announced for the show, but the evidence suggests that he did a lot more prep work than the other guys—especially compared to Will & Jamie, who left all sorts of stuff lying around on the internet.

Even when we looked into the modeling jobs listed on his resume, we came up empty. To be fair, this could be because Happy Socks mostly shows their models from the knees down. (We have no idea if any of these calves belong to Chris.) But we’d expect to see more from the other jobs—there’s not even an Explore Talent Profile!

If Chris’s acting/modeling aspirations were in the distant past, this would make more sense to us, but his most recent work has been released in 2019-2020.

So, what gives? 

Actors have a history of being accused of coming on the show for the wrong reasons, so it makes sense that Chris would attempt to shield himself from those types of accusations. And, even though he didn’t bring notes like Ryan, there’s evidence that Chris is following the playbook. That said, we’ll have to see a lot more of him before we feel confident suggesting that he’s a student of The Game.

Either way, we’re very interested to see how this all plays out.

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