Although, we came across a rumor claiming that Brendan’s family actually had a painting business. It claimed that the roofer title was an elaborate ruse by The Bachelorette producers to make him more desirable to Tayshia, whose ex-husband was a roofer. There is a Morais painting company in Brendan’s hometown, but we were unable to link it directly to this Bachelor in Paradise cast member. 

However, there are photos of Brendan working at the same roofing company as his brother on the company’s website and his brother has spoken about roofing in an interview.


If the roofing is a ruse, it’s a very strange and elaborate one for not much payoff.

So Brendan hangs shingles for a living, case closed? 


Brendan is also a part-time model and an aspiring actor.

Actor/Model/Roofer, talk about a triple threat!

He started with a bit part in a Denzel Washington movie and has gone on to be called a “star” in an indie film.

Screen Shot 2021-09-05 at 10.12.56 AM.png

It appears that he’s spent a lot more time pursuing his modeling and acting career than roofing, even having relocated to LA for a period of time. 

The modeling is no secret. His Instagram is full of shots, he’s represented by some of the top agencies, and many people have noticed him in a recent campaign.

This sort of thing is not unusual in Bachelor Nation.

Despite the stigmatization of cast members aspiring to be actors, musicians, or otherwise having anything to promote, many Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants were hot in a semi-professional capacity before the show.

Bachelor/ette cast members who go far are generally given aspirational job titles. Serena Pitt, for instance, was called a “publicist.” Brendan was given the masculine, blue collar job title of “roofer,” instead of the arguably more accurate “model.” 

Screen Shot 2021-09-05 at 12.31.34 PM.png

On The Bachelor franchise, being assigned the job “model” or a pageant title is often not much better than a joke title — like “Queen” Victoria. It’s a signal from production that a cast member is frivolous, catty, or (unforgivably) there for the wrong reasons. 

It’s no wonder that some savvy contestants have gone to great lengths to scrub their pasts to better control their own narratives. Especially when we see how anything that hints at unseriousness or showbiz aspirations can be used to paint the contestant in a negative light by producers, other contestants, or even by the lead should their relationship go south — as we saw with Katie and Greg.

Is Brendon on the show for the wrong reasons?

Nearly everybody on The Bachelor franchise tries to capitalize from their fame. When a contestant is successful on the show, their reward is not necessarily love, but the ability to quit their job and pose with dubious supplements on Instagram. However, it is essential to the conceit of the show that this is never acknowledged, which may be why “wrong reasoning” is so heavily policed.

Because actors and models are their own products, it’s a lot easier to see right from the start what they’re selling and judge them accordingly. 

Perhaps Brendan did come to paradise to gain some acting experience, although he’s not going to be winning any awards for his time there. Nobody bought his story about his non-relationship with Pieper, except maybe Natasha.

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