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Is Brandon from The Bachelorette really a Traveling Nurse Recruiter?

Yes, he is currently a “Vendor Staffing Specialist” for a major health care system in the Pacific Northwest.

Before Brandon was recruiting for hospitals, he recruited for Nike.

What kind of job even is “Traveling Nurse Recruiter?”

We talked about the current nursing shortage in our profile on Traveling Nurse Noah, but things have only gotten worse since then.

According to a recent survey, 18% of health care workers have left their jobs since the beginning of the pandemic.

If you’re like us, you have family members who get a lot of their news from Facebook, and you might have heard that this is because of vaccine mandates.

In actuality, just 5% of unvaccinated workers—which is 1% of workers overall—have reported that they quit their jobs over a vaccine mandate. This mass exodus is being driven by insufficient pay, overwork, and burnout. 

Things are even worse among critical care nurses, 66% of whom have considered leaving their jobs because of the pandemic. 50% report suffering from burnout and 38% report suffering from anxiety or depression. We mean, look at how many nurses decided it would be less stressful to be on Clayton’s season of The Bachelor than to continue working.

With millions of Americans still unvaccinated and hospitals filling up again, overwhelmed health care systems are relying more than ever on making up staffing shortages with higher-paid short-term contracts. That’s where recruiters like Brandon come in. It’s like he works for a temp agency, but one that specializes in nurses.

Although clearly not as stressful as actually being a nurse, recruiters fulfill an important role in keeping our understaffed healthcare system functioning.

What does Brandon do to de-stress?

Like Joe, Nayte, and everyone else this season, Brandon is a big basketball fan.

His Instagram is full of sports, his pup, and his friends and family. Unlike jet-setter Nayte, almost all of Brandon’s pics are from Western Oregon. He may recruit traveling nurses, but it seems like Brandon prefers to stay close to home.

Brandon grew up, went to college, and is still living and working in the Portland area. Moving to Minnesota for Michelle would be a major deal for him.

Even if his job does let him work remotely.

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