Real Job Reports

Just because the cast is in Paradise
Doesn’t mean we’re out of office
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Until ABC starts casting people with real, boring, jobs (which we’d love to see), there’s no way we can cover all of the cast. We have themed cocktails to make. We’ll need to sleep at some point. Our dogs miss us.  Here are the cast members that made the cut.

Brendan Morais, 31

Clare/Tayshia’s Season

Read Brendan’s Report

Connor Brennan, 29

Katie’s Season

Read Connor’s Report

Joe Amabile, 35

Becca’s Season

Joe’s Report Part 2

Mari Pepin, 25

Matt’s Season

Read Joe’s Report

Noah Erb, 26

Clare/Tayshia’s Season

Read Noah’s Report

Serena Chew, 25

Matt’s Season

Read Serena’s Report

Serena Pitt, 23

Matt’s Season

Read Serena’s Report