Bachelor in Paradise Canada

Unofficial Cast List: Updated Weekly

Welcome to Paradise, eh?

There are a lot of unfamiliar faces, so we’ve put together a complete cast list that includes names, ages, hometowns, and job titles of Bachelor in Paradise Canada Cast members. Keep scrolling to check it out – but first, we’ve noticed a lot of people land on this page looking for our other content.
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SPOILERS AHEAD: This page was updated after the November 7 airing of Bachelor in Paradise Canada.

Spoiler Free Cast Lists: The Beginning | First Rose Ceremony | Second Rose Ceremony

“Bachelor Nation” is how Bachelor in Paradise describes the “Diehard Canadian fans” that were invited to be on the show. They have not been on previous shows. This cast list was designed for you to use it as a quick reference guide while watching. Visit the official cast list for additional details.

PS  Sharing Bachelor in Paradise Canada is a side project for the blog, born out of a spirit of national pride. Our focus is investigating and reporting on the real jobs of people from The Bachelor franchise. If that’s something you’re interested in, please have a look around!

PPS  We have another side project, tracking all of the books written by Bachelor Nation Cast Members and leads. Check it out!