Is Andrew Spencer really a Pro Football Player?



Andrew plays for the Vienna Vikings, who are apparently pretty good as far as European American football teams are concerned. Although, that might be a little like being the best painter on Katie’s art group date. We have no idea.

Sports are not our sport. Reality television is our sport.

We only understood half of what we read, but the articles about Andrew’s football skills sounded impressive.

In 2020, he helped Vienna sweep a best-of-five Austrian title series against the Graz Giants, the only other team playing due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Being the best of two teams is still the best!

What does it mean to be an American “Football” Player in Austria?

American Football leagues in Austria are semi-professional. Most of the players are Europeans with regular jobs and lives outside of the sport, but each team is allowed to have 2-3 American imports. The imports are paid, but not much.

In our research, we came across other sites taking a guess at Andrew’s salary, referencing a salary guide for football players in Austria.

They forgot that “football” translates into “soccer.”

Oops. They got it wrong.

We don’t get stuff wrong.* 

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How much do “American Football” Players get paid in Austria?


According to a source we found,

“If you are a first-time import, you will not be making much money and will likely be taking a pay-cut when compared to any 9-5 job you could have had back home.  The average team offers a salary that—when combined with your benefits package of housing, flights, etc.—will cover your expenses and keep you fed.  You will not save much money during your time as an import, and you certainly won’t be booking any luxury cruises.”

Because of this, we find the other sites’ guesses of Andrew having a net income of $100,000 – $1,000,000 to be extremely unlikely.

Income aside, the whole experience sounds like a win.

Andrew S Instagram-2.png

Andrew is probably happy that he didn’t pass on the opportunity and rushed over. We’d get a real kick out of getting paid to do something we love while living the life of an international exchange student!

(Those are football puns for people whose preferred sport, like ours, is reality TV).

Unlike his British accent, Andrew’s job is totally legit.

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